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  • How to Become a Paralegal

    We’ve spent a lot of time talking about various skills that benefit paralegals. This month, we’re going back to basics for those who are just starting out. We’re going to discuss how to become a paralegal. It’s something we all wondered at some point before we started in the legal industry. In this post, we’re going to explain a few of your options.

  • Top 5 Legal Writing Tips for Paralegals

    Strong writing skills are essential to your job as a paralegal. The legal industry relies on good communication; and written communication is one of the most commonly relied upon modes. Between emails and letters to clients, opposing counsel, and court officers and various pleadings and responses, paralegals play an important role in helping ensure that the law firm clearly transmits its message.

  • 5 Things Lawyers Need Paralegals to Do

    I work with a lot of lawyers. Primarily, I provide web content and social media management. Yet, I’ve also provided virtual paralegal services and worked in a traditional law office. Recently, I sat down (virtually!) with one of my clients, Megan Zavieh, to discuss what she looks for when she needs to hire a paralegal. Megan Zavieh runs Zavieh Law. She’s licensed to practice law in several states, including California and Georgia. Megan’s practice focuses on helping lawyers who are facing an ethical investigation by their state bar. Here are the five things she expects out of her paralegal.

  • Your Top 5 Paralegal Job Search Questions Answered

    One of the most frustrating parts for paralegal students is finding that first job. There’s a lot of information out there online about finding a professional job in an industry. The problem is that not all of the information available is written from the perspective of someone who went through the process of finding that first job in the legal field. Because of that, we’ve put together this list of the top 5 paralegal job search questions and answers!

  • Job Interview Tips for New Paralegals

    A new reality show emerged, and it centers around one of the world’s scariest occurrences: being interviewed for a job. The Job Interview brings the interview process live to your television. It involves real employers interviewing real people for real jobs. And job interviews? They are nerve-wracking. You’re being judged for your merits, your education, and your experience in a very short amount of time. In honor of The Job Interview, here are tips new paralegals can use for their interviews.

  • 4 Resources That Will Make You a Better Paralegal

    Being a paralegal can be exciting. It can also be frustrating, scary, and even confusing for paralegals of all experience levels. Judges, court officials, attorneys (our supervising counsel and even opposing counsel), other paralegals, and clients all rely on us and expect us to have knowledge about certain things.

  • One Thing Every Paralegal Needs to Do

    Whether you’re dreaming of working as a paralegal for a solo practitioner or looking to work with a megafirm, all paralegals have one thing in common. It doesn’t matter if your work focuses on personal injury, insurance defense, family law, estates, real estate, contracts, criminal defense, or any other area of law (maritime or arbitration, anyone?).

  • 4 Success Tips from an Experienced Paralegal

    Being a new paralegal or a paralegal student can be overwhelming. Getting your paralegal education can be extremely gratifying and it can even provide a bit of an ego boost. The legal industry is revered and we all know that it takes a lot of intellectual ability to survive.

    The problem is that the closer you get to finishing your paralegal education, the more you realize how much you just don’t know. Don’t feel bad. New lawyers go through a similar time. Even if you somehow escape feeling inadequately prepared, you’ll experience it ten-fold once you start your first job as a paralegal. Here are 4 success tips from an experienced paralegal.

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