How to Become a Paralegal

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How To Know if a Paralegal Career is Right for You

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When it comes to career choices, it’s no secret that sometimes people start down a career path that won’t ever work for them. While it’s true that life goals can change, and learning what kind of career you don’t want through first-hand experience can be formative, these can be very expensive lessons. With student loan debt, job satisfaction, and career outlook being so critical today, learning as much as you can about your talents and interests before enrolling in a program is essential.

The paralegal profession is a great one, but it’s also not for everyone. Certain skills are required for success that not all people possess. You can still succeed even if you don’t have certain skills, but you at least have to be interested in developing them. Read the rest…

30 Sensational Sites to Help You Land the Paralegal Job of Your Dreams

When you spend the money to earn a degree, you want to know that jobs are waiting for you when you graduate. Paralegal graduates can make a good salary, depending upon location and company. Paralegals can specialize, too, in various fields such as real estate, litigation, and corporate law offices. The following list provides 30 sites where you can find such jobs. Some sites focus only on paralegal positions; other sites are within large job boards that contain tools such as resume builders and forums. You can also file your resume with a recruiter who can seek jobs for you in your location or in other parts of the country. No matter how you pursue a paralegal career, rest assured plenty of jobs are waiting for you when you graduate. Read the rest…

25 Most Popular Software Applications for Paralegals

As a paralegal, you have many responsibilities. Many people might be surprised at how much you do as a paralegal. Without paralegals, our legal system wouldn’t work as well as it does. The good news is that technology has provided a way for paralegals to get the assistance they need.

Whether you are just starting out as a paralegal, or hope to become a paralegal, or even if you are a seasoned veteran of the legal system, you could use a little help. Here are 25 software applications that paralegals can use to help with the job:

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25 Essential Reference Books Every Paralegal Should Own

If you want to become a paralegal, you can expect plenty of reading ahead of you. While some books are required reading for many courses, other books are just good reading (including one fiction book). The reference and text books were gathered from current paralegal course syllabi from across the nation. Other books were recommended reading by other paralegals through their blogs. Read the rest…